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O que esperamos dessa pessoa?

We are looking for someone to work with Chatbot programming and creating and maintaining the company’s platforms, used for building Chatbots. We are working with a new and disruptive technology, so this person will need to be able to propose and develop complete solutions in various programming languages (don’t get too attached to just one :)). In the daily routine, this person will work with support, business and product teams in order to help with troubleshooting, developing and enhancing products. Someone: curious, to always try and discover the new world around him/her; proactive, who can perceive opportunities to contribute to the team; dynamic, because our days here are very hectic; with a knack for dealing with context changes, because we work on the company’s main platforms; who pursues innovation. And who likes to make things happen!

Em qual curso esperamos encontrar você?

Computer Science, Information Systems and similar courses.

Para completar, ainda temos benefícios que são muito bacanas!

• The idea is to make it easy for you to choose where and what to eat, which is why we offer Food Stipends or Meal Stipends with values higher than the regional average (R$ 24.00/day); • There is also nothing more fitting than a Transportation Stipend aligned with each individual’s needs; • We want everyone at Take to be happy and well-fed, so we provide a nice breakfast and afternoon snack to all; • “We don’t just want food. We want food, entertainment and art.”Perfect! We have a Culture Stipend so that you can have a special fund for buying books, musical instruments, going to the theater, concerts and movies... • Here you actively create your schedule and routine. It you fulfill your commitments and respect your co-workers, you have the flexibility to choose your working hours; • We strive for an environment of integration and companionship. We do away with unnecessary formalities and replace them with casual levity; • We believe in the power of feedback. Assessments happen in a real way here; • If the company makes profit, you deserve some too! That’s why everyone is entitled to profit sharing (PL); • Health comes first. To keep up on health check-ups, it’s crucial to have a reputable Health Plan and Dental Subsidy; • Our network of contacts is valuable to us. The advantages that our agreements with restaurants, driving school, gyms and universities create for Take.Beings are advantages for us.